Operator Certification Practice Exam

The TriCaster Certification Practice Exam is based on the operation of the TriCaster 855, and provides an opportunity to experience what an actual Certification Exam is like. The Practice Exam consists of 16 multiple choice and multiple response questions with a 10 minute time limit. The questions are drawn from the same nine skills/knowledge areas as the actual exam. For some items, a description of the initial conditions for the question, and often an image, appears above the question.

When you have completed the Practice Exam, it is scored, with 70% correct considered "passing." You can then check your answers. In an actual Certification Exam, you cannot check your answers, but your score is given as soon as you finish.

As with the actual exam, read each question carefully, then pick the best response from among those given. The available responses are not meant to describe the complete behavior of the TriCaster, only to test your knowledge of how a TriCaster and a qualified operator work together to produce the best live production. To get the highest possible score, pick the best available answer.

When you click the Start Exam button below, the exam begins and the clock starts ticking. Adobe Flash is required to start the exam.

Practice exam