Workflow for Sports & Education

Network-style instant replay is finally in reach for schools and leagues at every level. Catch every play. From every angle. And wow your audience again – within moments. Vivid replays and dramatic highlights. Ready for broadcast and your live crowd - wherever they are.

workflow-3play sports-broadcast

Trigger slow-motion playback for a better look at game-changing moments. Collect highlights. And arrange clips for the most dramatic impact. The possibilities are endless. And the results are instantaneous. Take the ball and run with it.



Make the call.

Victory. Defeat. One frame can make the difference. The action is fast and chaotic, but there's no room for error. Both the outcome of the game and the audience’s anticipation rely on making sure you don't miss a single play. Mark when the action starts, then again at the end of the play, and you’ve got an instant, multi-angle replay for official review.

workflow-3play sports


Enhance your playback with championship-caliber slow-motion, and you won’t miss a thing. Capture every play and clinch every game.

Want to know more about NewTek replay and highlight workflows? Take a look at how 3Play fits in live broadcast and venues.

Play. Capture. Replay.


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