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TriCaster<sup>®</sup> 8000

TriCaster® 8000 Media Resources

TriCaster® 8000 Media


Product Descriptions

10 Word Description — TriCaster 8000 is a total media publishing solution for live productions of any scale.

20 Word Description — TriCaster 8000 is a complete production and media publishing solution for creating visually stunning live programs of any scale for broadcast, live stream, projection, postproduction, and social media.

50 Word Description — TriCaster 8000 is a complete live production and media publishing solution that facilities and professionals can integrate with their production environment to produce the most scalable, complex, and visually appealing productions imaginable – then broadcast, live stream, project, and record them, and publish to popular social media platforms, anywhere—all at once.

150 Word Description — A complete, integrated live production and media publishing solution that enables facilities and crews of any size to create, manage and produce live programs, from the most straightforward to the most complex, highly choreographed, and sophisticated productions they can imagine. TriCaster 8000 integrates with current infrastructure, connecting cameras, upstream video sources, and monitors with extensive connectivity support and custom configurability It introduces some of the most powerful visual capabilities into real-time video production, including multiple mix/effect rows that each act as virtual control rooms; lifelike virtual sets that give you more creativity than your location allows; and the world’s most powerful integrated switcher effects. You can broadcast, live stream, project and record your live programs―and deliver your social media presence simultaneously with the show ―enabling you to precisely target, grow, and nurture audiences with the relevant content they crave, making you more follow-worthy, marketable, and in-demand than your competitors.

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