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TriCaster<sup>®</sup> 460

TriCaster® 460 Media Resources

TriCaster® 460 Media


Product Descriptions

10 Word Description — High-impact system scaled for mobile to let pros produce live shows anywhere

25 Word Description — Network-quality, multi-camera live video in a minimal footprint to produce small-scale programs for audiences in-house and world wide, in one, single-box system that will take you anywhere.

50 Word Description — TriCaster 460 is an integrated solution for complete professional live production capabilities plus built-in Web streaming that is scaled for booths, studios and vans and allows you to quickly reach your audience, unlike solutions that require multiple components pieced together that only add more time at setup and takedown, cost, and labor into your live video production.

125 Word Description — The TriCaster 460 all-in-one live production systems deliver network-quality, professional production value anywhere, and we do mean anywhere. It will bring your four-camera, 14-channel show live from a van or small studio, broadcast control room or backstage, blogger’s workspace or back room – anywhere you produce shows, in places it just wasn’t possible to before. Elevate the impact of your show with effects, graphics, transitions, and virtual sets that look like you’re anywhere you want to be, because with this ultra-mobile solution you can go there. Deliver interactive, real-time information through audience chats, online video messaging, or a computer screen-share, all wrapped in the kind of sophisticated graphics presentation that keeps viewers tuned into some of the highest-profile news, sports and entertainment programming around today.

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