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Product Descriptions

NewTek LivePanel is a browser-based control system for the NewTek Video Mix Engine, TriCaster TC1, and 3Play 3P1 that allows anyone to connect to and command productions over IP using any compatible device. Flexible, customizable, and easy to use, LivePanel is designed to simplify control for casual operators while ensuring consistent, professional results; to scale operation for production environments of any size while streamlining responsibilities; and to provide new and experienced users with the tools to create specialty control panels geared toward their unique productions and workflows.

LivePanel Pricing

NewTek LivePanel is included with purchase of the NewTek Video Mix Engine.

TriCaster TC1 LivePanel is available as a $995 option for TriCaster TC1.

3Play 3P1 LivePanel is available as a $995 option for 3Play 3P1.

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