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Product Descriptions

10 Word Description - NewTek TalkShow—the video calling production system designed for live TV.

20 Word Description - NewTek TalkShow is a studio-grade video calling production system built exclusively for delivering Skype calls in live, broadcast-ready HD.

50 Word Description - NewTek TalkShow is the studio-grade solution to immediately add live interviews, perspective, credibility, and distinct competitive advantage to your program by easily incorporating 300 million monthly connected Skype users as guest speakers without the expense and effort of a live shot. Any video-enabled Skype user is just a call away.

100 Word Description - People don’t have to spend a lot on truck uplinks and heavily equipped newsgathering crews, or waste valuable field time coordinating remote live shots and low-quality phone recordings, to reach and include more experts, analysis and perspective in their show. If they use NewTek TalkShow, the video calling production system designed for live TV, they can expand their network of interview contacts to anyone they can reach online with Skype, making it easier to enrich their programs with more compelling face-to-face conversations, expert commentary, and guest discussions from anywhere—in distraction-free, broadcast-ready HD.

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