NewTek at NAB 2020

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The disruption caused by Covid-19 is extreme and creating an intense challenge for every business, not least is keeping your audience up to date with a constantly changing news agenda when working arrangements might have to change. NewTek is here to help.

Stay Connected

Your customers, your audience want to stay connected. This is where we can help with the tools you need to understand, engage, monitor and evaluate your communications activity, wherever you might be working. We have a team of online demo staff available to assist or check out our online guide to help find which solution may be right for you.


To help stay in touch we are launching NewTekTV, your source for the latest on technology, news, live demos, support and expert advice during this time. Accessible from a single channel we will be using the power of IP-based, software-defined visual storytelling (#SDVS) on a global basis.

Here are some of the highlights of what you can expect

  • Making IP Video a reality for your show
  • NDI demos
  • Interviews with thought leaders in our industry
  • Live production demonstrations
  • Control room tours
  • Customer panels on support
  • Covid-19, Guest speakers
  • NewTek university free sessions and more.

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Be the first to know when NewTekTV is launched and we will send you the scheduled program available to watch when you choose to, live or on-demand.

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NewTek cuenta con una red de distribuidores ubicados en todo el mundo. Todos ellos tienen una amplia experiencia en nuestros productos y en la industria de producción de vídeos y streaming.

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