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Using PTZOptics NDI-enabled Producer Kits with TriCaster

June 28, 2017 by Chuck Baker

In this video, Paul Richards of PTZOptics shows how to use NewTek Connect Pro to provide NDI® IP workflow capability with their Producer Kits, and how to use the kits with TriCaster®. NewTek Connect Pro is now bundled with the Producer Kits, which provide a PTZ camera complete with PTZ joystick controller, cabling and a self-contained streaming system.

While a kit can be used for simple streaming without added production values, for a show with full broadcast production values such as graphics and text overlays, animated transitions, multi-layered video, virtual sets, etc., you would use a kit in conjunction with a multi-camera integrated production system such as TriCaster.

The Producer Kits consist of:

Configuring a PTZOptics camera as a source in NewTek Connect Pro. Click to enlarge.

Main Kits
Intel NUC Skull Canyon PC
PTZOptics Gen-2 12X or 20X Camera
HuddleCam HD RS232 Joystick
Magewell 3G-SDI/USB 3.0 Frame Grabber
Shure Motiv MVi Mic Interface
100’ 3G-SDI Cabling
100’ RS-232 Cabling
2M HDMI High speed with Ethernet
8-in mini display port to HDMI
Logitech USB Wired keyboard & mouse
7 port USB3 HUB

Accessory Kits
2nd PTZOptics Gen-2 12X or 20X
2nd Magewell 3G-SDI/USB Frame Grabber
2nd 100’ 3G-SDI Cabling
2nd 100’ RS-232 Cabling (Daisy Chain)

Read the announcement story on NewTek Studio Blog: PTZOptics Adds NewTek Connect Pro to Producer Kits for IP Workflow

Learn more about NewTek Connect Pro

Learn more about TriCaster TC1

PTZOptics basic use case diagram, where a camera and producer kit at another location feeds over the network to a central control room.

PTZOptics basic use case diagram, where a camera and producer kit at another location feeds over the network to a central control room.


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