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Setting up Local Links with NewTek Spark Converters and NDI® Cameras

May 31, 2019 by Richard Evans, video; Chuck Baker, text.


One of the strong points of the NewTek Spark family of NDI® converters is the ability for control over the local network. However, sometimes you want an even simpler approach, and NewTek’s NDI devices can do this. In this demo NewTek video content producer Richard Evans shows how you can directly connect the network port of a Spark to the network port of a laptop or desktop computer, run NewTek NDI Monitor on the system, and get access to the internal setup web page of the device. This approach will also work with NewTek’s NDI cameras. This can be especially handy as a means to check and setup your NewTek NDI cameras and converters prior to taking them out into the field for a production.

As the leading IP video production standard, NewTek’s royalty free NDI technology simplifies production infrastructure while multiplying creative options. Instead of your camera’s connection being a one-way street from the camera to your switcher over expensive baseband cables, NDI-aware components connected over a standard network or even just directly by a network cable can have a two-way conversation, as seen in this tutorial. Producers can preserve their investment in existing SDI/HDMI baseband cameras and equipment, but bring that equipment into the new IP production paradigm with the growing line of NewTek Spark converters.

An example relevant to today’s productions: many producers are using 4K cameras in productions that are streamed or broadcast at 1080p. NewTek production system users with NewTek Premium Access and the proper Spark model connecting that 4K camera, can apply Virtual PTZ to the camera. The producer can create multiple 1080p views of the full 4K image field of the camera, both as static selections from the field of view, but also including pans across that field or zooms into it.

We hope this video is helpful for you in using your NewTek Spark model or models. If you have suggestions for other topics you would like covered in a Facebook Live or Tip Jar Tutorial, please send us a message. We will see you next time.

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