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NewTek University: TriCaster Advanced Edition, 101

February 01, 2016 by Scott Carroll

For years, NewTek resellers from around the globe have been making the journey to “NewTek University,” a unique and specialized place of knowledge and learning within NewTek’s San Antonio, TX headquarters. At NewTek U, resellers receive training in the latest features in NewTek products like TriCaster, 3Play, and TalkShow.  It is the fountain head of information relating to how all NewTek products operate. There exists no other place like it in the world.


Don Ballance, VP of Training

Headmaster of NewTek University is Don Ballance, VP of Training for NewTek.

Recently, Don and NewTek Product Specialist Kane Peterson provided TriCaster Advanced Edition training to a group of resellers at NewTek U. This advanced level training session was captured on video and broken into 34 segments listed below. Any user of TriCaster Advanced Edition stands to benefit by checking out the list and clicking on a segment of interest.

Shortly, training provided by NewTek University will become available to any user.  Sign-ups for NewTek University training can be made now by calling NewTek Sales at 1-800-862-7837. These video pieces will also provide a small taste of what future NewTek U students can expect to learn.

TriCaster Advanced Editon Training Topics:

01 Switcher presets - Using Switcher Presets

02 Switcher Memory - Using and Managing the Switchers Memory

03 Undo - Using Undo in the Live Desktop

04 Smart ME Config - Configuring ME’s in Advanced Edition

05 Effect View - Overview of Using the Effect View

06 Augmented Reality - Using Augmented Reality in an ME keyer

07 Edges and Borders - Overview of the New Edges and Border Tools

08 Switcher Input Comments - How to Create and Use Switcher Input Comments

09 Router Support - Router Support in Advanced Edition

10 Scopes - New Scopes in the Secondary Multiviewer

11 Extended Tally Support - Tally Support in Advanced Edition

12 Source ID - Source ID

13 SDI Auto Detect - How Advanced Edition Sets Up HD SDI Inputs For You

14 Tool Tips - Using Tool Tips in Advanced Edition

15 Buffers - Changes to the Buffers in Advanced Edition

16 Automation State Changes - Overview of Trigger Macros Through State Changes

17 Luma Keyer - The New Luma Keyer

18 Auto Color - Overview of the Auto Color Tool

19 Streaming - Overview of Streaming

20 Social Media - How to Push Content to Social Media During an Event

21 Replay - Overview of Instant Replay in TriCaster with Advanced Edition

22 DDR Edit and Transitions - Overview of Using Transitions and Editing in a DDR

23 Data Link - Overview of New DataLink Features in Advanced Edition -

24 Web Keys and the Chrome Extention - How to Use the Chrome Browser Extension

25 Macros with Pauses - How to Add a Pause or Wait State In A Macro

26 Session Macros - How Macros Can Be Associated With a Session

27 Macro Conflict Managment - How to Manage Shortcut Conflicts With Macros

28 Time Shifting - How to Do A Delayed Broadcast

29 Show on Program - Using the New Show On Program Feature For Replay

30 Presentation Workflow - New Workflow To Push Through A Presentation

31 Fully Configurable Outputs - How To Configure Outputs

32 Audio Support - Overview of Audio Support

33 Audio Outputs - Overview For Setting Up and Using Audio Outputs

34 Automation Guide and Docs - How To Get Them

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