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New Guide for NewTek Customer Support Resources

January 19, 2017 by Chuck Baker

NewTek has an extensive set of resources available to support our community of product users, and to help you make the most effective use of those resources, our Support Team has produced a new comprehensive guide to those resources.  The page is a one-stop shop, no matter the topic you need assistance on, no matter where you are in the world.

The guide covers the details of both the standard support that is extended for the life of the product, and our premium support offerings for organizations with mission critical applications.  Context is provided that leads from the best place to begin - the Online Knowledge Base, where the most common issues you may encounter are listed with their solutions, through the other resources and on to the contact request form and direct contact information you can use to reach support if you do need direct assistance from our specialists.  Here’s your guide:

Obtenga asistencia

Support Tips:

A lot of the questions that come into Support are how-to type questions. Virtually all those topics are covered in the wide range of training that NewTek provides among our Learning Resources, and those are online all the time, with no waiting. Our NewTek Tip Jar Blog is this type of resource as well, so when you think, “How do I do this?”, start with these two locations.

For issues that seem to be the product not working correctly, your first resort should always be the Online Knowledge Base - the most common issues you may encounter are listed here, with solutions. Again, the information here is available 24/7, no waiting.

When the Learning Resources and the Knowledge Base don’t seem to have your answer, there is one more 27/7 resource to turn to for both “How to” questions and potential problems, where NewTek representatives, knowledgeable resellers and experienced users from all around the world contribute answers: the NewTek Forums. You’ll need to create an account in order to post to the Forums; but once you do, you’ve joined a community with a breadth and depth of experience to answer virtually any question or issue that may ever come up. Tip: first use the Search function to see if the problem or question that you have has already been posted and successfully answered; if not, then post your question/problem description.


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