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Mastering Virtual Sets Part 1: Introduction to Virtual Set Editor

August 26, 2019 by Don Ballance, video; Chuck Baker, text

NewTek TriCaster® offers an easy to use virtual set technology as a standard feature, one that sets the various TriCaster models apart from competitors in the same price classes. Beyond that, however, NewTek provides users who wish to do so with the option to engage that powerful technology directly to customize sets thoroughly and to use it to create multi-layer effects that add major value to their productions - Virtual Set Editor (VSE), available in the NewTek Store.

Powerful technology does not have to be complicated, however. NewTek training guru Don Ballance shows how easy it is to use VSE to customize sets precisely to your tastes and needs for a polished professional look, as well as to create gorgeous multi-layer effects that will wow your audiences.

VSE comes in two flavors:

  • Standard Edition, that supports the capabilities of TriCaster models running Standard Edition software
  • Advanced Edition, that supports the capabilities of higher end TriCaster models and of those running Advanced Edition software

Don demonstrates using the Advanced Edition software on the TriCaster 8000.

What we see in Part 1:

  • A tour of the content that comes with VSE to study and customize. The types of content are:
    • Complete virtual set projects
    • Layered sets for multi-box and compositing effects without using up your Keyers
    • Sample PSD files to import and experiment with to learn custom virtual set creation
  • Load a set and tour the VSE menus and functions
  • Examine the elements of a sample set
  • Mousing over the set elements listed on the left highlights those elements in the viewport
  • Different camera angles can be created for the set - the example set has three angles
  • Standard Edition TriCasters Support 2 input layer sets (A and B); Advanced Edition TriCasters support 4 input layer sets (A-D) in M/Es
  • How to modify variables in a layer element (changing the assigned input layer for one of the virtual monitors from B to C)
  • How to turn elements of a set on and off
  • The example set is designed to allow adding a logo to the desk; how to add a NewTek logo image to the desk and scale the logo image to the desired size
  • We see when using the positioner to move the logo side to side on the desk that the logo image wraps to the curvature of the desk
  • How to replace the background images in the windows of the virtual set, using panorama image cut in three for the example
  • How to save the project with our changes (Rename it so that you preserve the original project!)
  • How to exporting your customized set for use in your TriCaster
  • How to load your customized set in TriCaster (front view into M/E 1)
  • Our example is a 3-layer set allowing Layer A, B and C inputs
    • Add and position talent source in Layer A (using animation in Frame Buffer 1)
    • Set DDR 1 as source for B monitor, DDR 2 for C monitor
  • How to do virtual camera moves in front view
  • Loading left camera view into M/E 2 and setting up layers A, B and C for that angle
    • Note that whether using pre-recorded or live sources for virtual sets, the talent shot angles need to be set up to match the virtual set angles.

Next: Mastering Virtual Sets Part 2: Customizing Sets in Virtual Set Editor

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Content Types included with Virtual Set Editor


Virtual Set Editor interface with a set loaded, and set element listing and controls on the left side tool bar.


Sample set customized in Virtual Set Editor in use in the TriCaster, with talent and a video source for each monitor keyed in via M/E 1. Note that the user-added desk logo and background images in the set's "windows" are reflected on the floor.
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