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How to Output to the Network with TriCaster

September 29, 2015 by Chuck Baker

**Kane Peterson, NewTek Workflow Engineer **

One IP workflow feature in TriCaster is called ‘Network Output.’ This feature sends an output of the TriCaster over the network as MPEG-2 video. This can be received and used as a source by other TriCasters on the network, which makes it possible to take the finished live production from one TriCaster and use it in productions in one or more other TriCasters.  Examples of what you can do with this capability:

  1. Make the final video mix for a multi-venue event, as is done at the annual Jakarta International Java Jazz Festival, where TriCaster is used to live-produce events from four main stages, and the finished output from those four in turn get mixed for the final output to broadcast and web.
  2. Take one live production and repurpose it for several audiences, as Discovery Channel did for the Nik Wallenda Grand Canyon Wire Walk.  There, finished output from one TriCaster on site was sent to several other TriCasters, where graphics and narration were applied to produce English, Spanish, and Portuguese language broadcasts branded for Discovery Channel’s markets in the US, Latin America, and Europe. Here’s what you’ll need:
  • TriCaster 410, 460, 860, 8000, or Mini. Only these models have the Network Output option.
  • Gigabit network between the output TriCaster and other TriCasters or systems that you wish to receive the output. Here’s how to do the output TriCaster configuration:

  • Open up the session you are going to use.
  • Mouse over the Program output monitor and a gear icon will appear in the bottom right corner.
  • Click on the gear and the Output Configuration window will appear (see screenshot below).
  • Click ‘Network’ in the checkbox to enable.
  • You can also choose what output channel is sent to the Network output, it can be set to follow outputs 1 or 2, or it can be any source channel. TriCasterNetworkOutput_VLC_figure_001

That’s it.  Now this TriCaster will show up as a network input source for other TriCasters on the same network, in the list of sources available for their Net 1 and Net 2 inputs.

TriCasters set up for network output showing as inputs on the Net 1 Receive menu of another TriCaster

Here is another way to make use of network output from a TriCaster:

(Coming Soon - Check back later: Using a Server to Record TriCaster Network Output  )

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