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How to Connect Your Worship Presentation Software With Your Live Stream

August 23, 2019 by Chuck Baker

In a recent article, ChurchProduction.com explored the ways that a house of worship might include their video presentations into the live stream directly, rather than by aiming a camera at the display device. 

Among several of the approaches described to get the output of the presentation system is a common factor: NDI® -- the royalty-free, bidirectional IP technology for transport of video, audio and data at very high quality and very low latency (latency is the television engineering professional’s term for signal delay). NDI is the leading standard for video production using network technology, now deployed in thousands of products in the hands of millions of users. The greatest strength NDI offers everyday users is that it works with the standard 1-Gigabit Ethernet networking technology which is most commonly deployed in homes, businesses, and houses of worship today.

NDI, short for “network digital interface,” sends low-latency video over the network. The easiest way to [send your presentation system output to a switching/streaming system] is if your worship/presentation software is NDI aware.

Many presentation software applications, including the popular ProPresenter and EasyWorship, include NDI support. Just turn NDI output on in these applications, and your NDI-enabled production system or application will be able to see and use that source automatically. In addition to NewTek’s own TriCaster®, Open Broadcaster Studio, Wirecast, vMix, and many other free and commercial production systems and applications support NDI.

Another option that can be applied regardless of what presentation software is in use is to acquire and install NDI Scan Converter software from NewTek’s free downloadable NDI Tools Pack. NDI Scan Converter can send all or a selected region of the display of a computer system as an NDI signal with almost no impact on performance, so it will not affect the work of the presentation software.

NewTek Spark Plus 4K HDMI to NDI Converter

However, for purists who don’t want to run anything but the presentation software on the system during services, there is a modestly priced hardware option not mentioned in Church Production’s article - NewTek Spark NDI converters. Virtually all modern desktop and laptop computers include an HDMI output that can duplicate the system’s main display. Plug the HDMI output of the system into a NewTek Spark HDMI-to-NDI converter, and the converter into the network, and you are in business.

Both wired and wireless Spark models are available, depending on your production needs and preferences. If the HDMI output of your presentation system is serving the projection system or video display, that’s no problem - most Spark models have a loop-through connector, so you connect the system to the Spark, and the Spark loop-through to the projector or display.

Computer Video Ports and Converters

Budgets being what they are for houses of worship, if your presentation software is running on an older system with VGA or DVI output and no HDMI, very inexpensive converters are available for VGA-to-HDMI and DVI-to-HDMI, and those let you then use HDMI to the Spark. If necessary you can use HDMI from the Spark Loop port to a HDMI-to-VGA or -DVI converter to get to the projector or display.

Read the complete article at Church Production: How to Connect Your Worship Presentation Software With Your Live Stream

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