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Getting Started with TriCaster® TC1 Chapter 9: Working with Audio

April 23, 2019 by Richard Evans and Chuck Baker

We speak of "watching a show" but the experience is shaped not just by what we see, but by what we hear. The importance of audio cannot be overstated, because sound can convey not only information but entirely set the emotional tone of the experience. The same set of images paired with a differing choice of music and background sound can be joyful, soothing, triumphant, terrifying or heartbreaking. The audio bed can very much reinforce the apparent tone of the video imagery or can be at odds with it, setting up an emotional counterpoint to or disturbing dissonance with the visual content.

TriCaster® TC1 provides a very complete set of audio tools in the Audio Mixer section of the UI and the Input and Output configuration panels. You can choose and mix the sources you which to use, set proper audio levels for each incoming source, process audio for best quality with equalizer, compressor/limiter and noise gate per channel, and much, much more. You have a master output and three auxilliary outputs, and can direct any of these, or any individual source, to the headphone output to monitor as you work. If you have one or more Skype TX channels selected as inputs, you also have a TalkBack channel that automatically sets up as a mix-minus to send back to the caller minus their own audio.

While you can easily use the embedded audio with a given input video source, you can just as easily select an entirely different audio source to pair with any input. If you use audio through a PA system, you have controls to ensure timing match between video and audio. The outputs each have a virtual audio router to control the final output mix.

Altogether, TC1 provides an extensive suite of tools to work with audio to get exactly the final output mix that you want, and this tutorial will get you introduced to those. Then you just need to turn loose your creativity in your live productions to craft the audio mix that gets the audience to the emotional response you wish to inspire, or tells the story you wish to get across.

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