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Getting Started with TriCaster® TC1 Chapter 10: Workflow Automation

April 24, 2019 by Richard Evans and Chuck Baker

The TriCaster® TC1 offers a lot of ways to multiply the power of an operator; one of the best is the command macro system. Every operation that can be done at the keyboard or a control surface can also be done by a command, in software. Multiple commands can be put together in a sequence called a macro. A macro can be executed in a number of ways, including using an assigned hotkey or combination hotkey.

A macro, then, can turn a complex sequence of actions into a single key or button press, on the keyboard, the control surface, or an added peripheral input device. Or, for that matter, a gesture by the onscreen talent into a designated hotspot, an audio level from a particular audio input, or many other triggering events.

This capability has multiple positive effects on a live production. They simplify the job of the operator by reducing complex operations to a single action. It is also not uncommon to have sequences of actions that must be frequently repeated during a live show or event - even a short sequence converted to a one-touch macro can save huge amounts of effort for the operator. This also eliminates the potential for operator to make an error in the sequence in the heat of production. In addition, macros can improve the production values of the show by allowing advance preparation of complex operations that will make the show more visually exciting for the viewer - layering of video from multiple sources with graphics, animations and digital effects, for example. Taken together, the work of one operator can look like a whole crew is busy on the production.

This video tutorial is a quick introduction to automation concepts. You will want to download the NewTek Automation and Integration Guide mentioned in the video.

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