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Best Practice for Live-Streamed Events: Make a Microsite

March 26, 2015 by Chuck Baker

A best practice for live-streaming an event is to create a “microsite,” a single web page to host the event, that goes further than just being a “player page.” Yes, the embedded stream player from your streaming host site (uStream, YouTube Live, StreamUK or other host site) must be on this page, but the branding and visual identity of your company and the event are truly critical elements as well.

In addition, all of the elements must be presented within a great page design, one that is both functional and visually engaging. The microsite page is the environment, the theater for your event, not just a screen on which the event plays, so great graphics and design are crucial to a successful presentation.

Also critical: include the links to the social networks, such as Twitter, Facebook or others, where you will be sending updates, highlights and engaging viewers before, during and after the event. Any special hashtags to use to keep up with discussions and updates should be mentioned on the microsite page. The page should also include information and links to your services, as well as logos or advertising from the sponsors.

Note that nearly all elements suggested above are present in the Java Jazz Fest 2015 microsite page example shown at the top of this article: details of the event, two embedded players for the event, schedules for each player, sponsor logos/links, social media links and more. All these elements are important to creating a much more complete and engaging experience for the audience by giving the event context and identity, visually and socially.

Site for VirtualArtsTV live-stream of "Truth - The Musical"

VirtualArtsTV principal, Kathryn Velvel Jones, designed a simple and elegant microsite for the live-streamed stage production of "Truth - The Musical."

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