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A First Look at NewTek Connect Spark HDMI

September 09, 2017 by Chuck Baker

Faraz Ahmed of AmiTrace Computer Systems provides a brief tour of the NewTek Connect Spark HDMI to NDI® converter model features and connections, and puts it right to work, straight out of the box. He plugs in the power connector, an HDMI cable from the camera, and an Ethernet cable, and turning immediately to the TriCaster® TC1 we see the camera already found by NDI discovery, and ready in the video source pulldown to assign to a Switcher input. With a couple of clicks, the camera is assigned and its output is showing on the Program and Preview outputs.

Faraz then plugs the SDI port of the camera to a physical 3G SDI input on the TriCaster TC1, and compares the timing and quality of the SDI signal from the camera versus the NDI signal going to the Connect Spark and then over Ethernet. The result: the quality is the same and the video is in sync, with no noticeable latency between the SDI signal direct from the camera and the NDI signal from the Connect Spark converter.

The takeaway: NDI and the NewTek Connect Spark make any camera truly plug-and-play, and users can put the Connect Spark converter into service one minute out of the box with a few quick connections (power supply, video cable, Ethernet cable), from anywhere on the local network.

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