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2-Minute Tutorial: Using the Interface MultiViewer in TriCaster Advanced Edition

February 24, 2017 by Chuck Baker

 TriCaster Advanced Edition offers an extensive set of multiviewer capabilities both on the main User Interface (UI) and on a second monitor. See how these can be configured to best fit your workflow, including quick changes when you need to be nimble during live productions.

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The UI Multiviewer can be configured using the Workspace menu tab. On the Workspace menu pulldown, you see two sections, Multiview 1, which is the UI Multiviewer, and Multiview 2, which is the external Multiviewer that can be displayed on a second monitor attached to your TriCaster. Both Multiview sections have four Preset slots available on the menu, A through D. These can be populated with the available layouts on the Load Default menu pulldown that appears below each section. Choices are shown with small graphic representations of the layouts available.

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In the video our presenter first selects and shows several of the layouts available for the UI Multiviewer, including the Scopes layout. The default layout, present in preset A, is to show all inputs, both hardware and NDI, 2 media players, 2 graphics players, 1 Buffer and 1 Mix/Effects bus. Since the video is using a TriCaster 8000, there are 12 inputs.

Other layouts demonstrated are:

  • Inputs Only (12 on a TriCaster 8000)
  • Media Players and Graphics Players only (2 each)
  • Mix/Effects buses only (8 on TriCaster 8000)
  • Waveform Monitor/Vectorscope
  • M/E Follow

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The presenter shows the operation of the broadcast-style Proc Amp controls available in the Waveform Monitor and Vectorscope layout. Adjustments to both the luminance and the color characteristics of the signal let you easily match your sources and set the look and quality for your productions.

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M/E Follow offers four large monitors, with the two to the right being Preview and Program. Here the presenter takes a moment to show how to customize any of the layouts by changing what a given monitor within the layout is displaying. Simply right click on a monitor, and a context menu becomes available which allows you to assign any of the inputs, media and graphics players, or buffers to that monitor. This information is saved in the project file when you save your project.

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Next, our presenter shows the Multiview 2 options. Here, again, we have four presets, A through D. When you open the Load Default pulldown  below these four presets, you see that the presets  can be populated from 15 layout choices.

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Besides the choice of layout, the Display Settings menu option opens the Display Settings panel, which offers resolution and Proc Amp controls. The Interface tab on the panel applies controls to the UI Multiviewer (or Multiview 1), and the Multiview tab applies controls to the external Multiviewer (or Multiview 2). These Proc Amp controls apply to the entire group of monitors in the selected tab.

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The Multiviewer workspace is scalable. The user can adjust the layout by grabbing the vertical or horizontal section dividers with the mouse pointer, and moving them. A simple double-click on the divider will then revert it to original position.

So, TriCaster Advanced Edition offers an extensive set of choices for configuring the UI  and external Multiviewers for a variety of production needs. These can aid a technical director whether he needs to keep the big picture of all production resources in mind, concentrate on what he has set up in his M/Es, buffer or media players, or fix video on one of his sources on the fly with the TriCaster Waveform Monitor, Vectorscope and Proc Amps.

We hope this video is helpful to you, and if you have suggestions for other topics you would like covered in a two-minute tutorial, please send us a message.

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