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2-Minute Tutorial: Update Titles Dynamically

October 20, 2016 by Chuck Baker

Have you ever brought up a wrong title while doing a live show? It’s embarrassing and it is something none of us really want to have to experience. With TriCaster Advanced Edition, you never have to experience that because your titles can be dynamically driven by the many different DataLink variables Advanced Edition software makes available for live production environments.

We’ve also used DataLink in a previous 2-Minute Tutorial for a different purpose: Making a Countdown.

In our video example, a title template in downstream keyer (DSK) number one contains two fields with the text ‘Line 01’ in field one and ‘Line 02’ in field two. If we have standard text in the two fields, it doesn’t matter what source we put on Program Output, that downstream key is going to remain the same, as shown in the image set below.

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Let’s illustrate how DataLink’s data-driven graphics capabilities can allow us to leverage a good production practice to help make our live-production operations bullet-proof.  TriCaster can help users keep productions clearly organized by naming inputs, labeling them for the sources and content used in that project. Once we do that, we can also use DataLink to drive the title template using that information, and that gives us mistake-proof titling when we switch among sources.

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Here’s how we set this up: footage of presenter Don Ballance is coming in on Mix/Effects bus 1 (M/E 1). M/E 1 is configured so that the input name is “Don Ballance” and the comment is “Host,” Don’s title for this production.

Click to enlarge.

Next, we have source video with Rex Olson in M/E 2. We’ve configured that with “Rex Olson” as the input name, and “Tech Reviewer” as the comment.

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On M/E 4, we have configured the input name as “Kiki Stockhammer” and “Sports Desk” as the comment.

Now all we need to do is to tell the title template to use that information from the input. We’ll click the Settings gear for the buffer that holds our title template, to open the Template Editor. We click into the top line of the template, and in the edit field, we type in “%” to engage the DataLink variables list.  We want to use the variable “Program Source Name,” so just type “p” and the list jumps to that section. Select “%Program Source Name%.”

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Click into the second line, again type % and p and this time select “%Program Source Comments%,” and close that panel down.

Now, if we bring this title back up while M/E 1 is on Program Output, we can see that the graphic is now showing “Don Ballance” for Line One and “Host” for Line Two; so, the correct name and title for the input, based on the DataLink variables.

If we take the title away, put M/E 2 on Program Output and then bring the same title back up still using the same title template, you can see that it is now populated with the name and title for Rex Olson; and again if we go over to M/E 4, the text showing in the title template is now set up for Kiki Stockhammer.

Click to enlarge.

This is dynamically driven - you can cut from input to input using that same title template in the same downstream keyer and the template updates as you cut so that it’s always going to deliver the right title for the right input.  You’ve gained a measure of mistake-proofing for your production.

We hope this video has been helpful to you and if you have suggestions for other topics you would like covered in a 2-Minute Tutorial, please send us a message.

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