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2-Minute Tutorial: Setting Up Switcher Inputs in TriCaster Advanced Edition

July 06, 2016 by Chuck Baker

In this edition, Don shows how to set up the inputs on your TriCaster Switcher UI using TriCaster Advanced Edition with NDI.

Your TriCaster system is a combination of literal hardware and metaphorical hardware. The literal hardware includes the physical inputs on the system for attaching cameras and input devices, and the physical outputs to play out your program to displays and to recording, projecting or streaming devices. The metaphorical hardware is a software environment designed to reflect the literal physical equipment you have available for video production, but to let you manage and use it with a flexibility only possible with digital production.

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Let’s talk about how you set up the literal hardware that comes with your TriCaster with the metaphorical hardware in the UI.  On the TriCaster UI you have a section for setting up the inputs for your Switcher - the metaphorical hardware.

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If you click on any one of the Inputs in this section you will open the Input Setup panel for that Input.  On the Input Settings tab of this panel, there is a little gear next to the Source pull-down menu.  Click on this gear to open up the Hardware Configuration panel, and this is where you can set the characteristics for the physical inputs.

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For this video, we are using a TriCaster that has 8 physical inputs, so we have those eight physical inputs listed in the panel - note the UI calls these “In 1” through “In 8.”

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On the dropdown menu for each of these physical inputs, we can choose the format and resolution independently for each one.

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We can also select what audio source is to be used with the video from that physical line and we have audio levels and adjustments available on this panel as well.

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Now, once you’ve got the hardware inputs configured, return to the Input Setup tab and use the Source pull-down menu.  A browser window will open showing you all of the input sources that you have access to from your TriCaster:

  • “Local” is the TriCaster you are on, where you will see all of the inputs for the system, plus the internal Black source.
  • Underneath the Local machine listing are any NDI-enabled devices on the network, with their inputs. In the video we have:

    • Student01 TriCaster
    • Student02 TriCaster
    • Student-TS-01 TalkShow VS 100
    • Training_TS_01 TalkShow VS 100

To use an input from one of these, simply select that input and start using it.

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As you can see, a great thing about the TriCaster Advanced Edition with NDI technology is that your Switcher UI inputs are not locked into the literal hardware configuration nor even to the local system.  You can bring hardware In number 1 into Switcher UI Input number 4, as demonstrated in the video. For that matter you can bring any input or output from any NDI-enabled system on the same LAN into any of the inputs on the Switcher UI – any of these twelve UI inputs can be whatever you want them to be, simply by using the internal video router found in the Input Setup tab.

We hope this video has been helpful for you. If you have suggestions for other topics you would like covered in a 2-Minute Tutorial, please send us a message. We will see you next time.

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