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2-Minute Tutorial: Live Graphics Animation with the Composition Window

October 05, 2016 by Chuck Baker

In this tutorial, we demonstrate how to do some basic animation with composition presets. The composition (or “comping”) window is a set of 16 presets that allows you to setup the camera position, the downstream keyers or the keyers inside of an M/E and even layer position, and then transition between these presets. TriCaster’s composition engine then interpolates the actions and creates the in-between frames for the presets you select during your production.

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To give you an example, we have a wide shot showing on Program output. We’re just going to click on the camera icon in the first preset slot to take a snapshot of the wide shot, and create our first preset.

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Then we’re going use the camera controls to zoom in and square that shot up a bit. Now we take a snapshot of the zoom-in, and make our second preset. Now, by clicking on these presets in turn we can transition between those two states. The presets represent a first keyframe and a second keyframe that the Switcher can transition between at will.

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That’s an example of controlling the camera using the comping window. We could also do other things such as control an overlay. So we will bring in the overlay over the zoom-in position and snapshot that one for our third preset. Now you can see by that by moving back and forth between our second preset and third preset, we get the overlay fading on and off.

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Then we could create a different state for that overlay, for instance, we will go into the positioner panel for the overlay, and let’s go ahead and rotate the graphic around a little bit and then push it off the screen. We just snapshot that for our fourth preset, and that position is going to be the starting keyframe for the overlay in that preset.

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This gives us four preset compositions for our production. As you can see in the tutorial video, if we start from Preset 4 and go to Preset 3, the overlay moves in and rotates onto the screen. If we go from Preset 3 to Preset 2, the overlay just fades off the screen. And going from Preset 2 to Preset 1, we are just moving the camera back out. So you can control many aspects of a production using the comping window.

Actions are combined when moving between presets: in the video we see that if we start from Preset 1 and go to Preset 3, that will do the camera move and bring on the overlay. TriCaster’s composition engine animates anything that changes between any of these presets, allowing you to create DVE moves and to animate all of your overlays and layers.

We hope this video has been helpful to you and if you have suggestions for other topics you would like covered in a two minute tutorial, please send us a message.

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