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2-Minute Tutorial: Connecting a Webcam to an IP Workflow with NewTek Connect Pro

December 28, 2016 by Chuck Baker


In previous tutorials, we’ve seen how to set up NewTek Connect Pro to serve pre-recorded videos to production systems as NDI sources. NewTek Connect Pro can also serve other video sources available to the host system on which it is running, including webcams that may be built-in or attached.

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To engage a webcam, in this video tutorial the operator first uses the Display panel to set the view from the Quad Monitor view to the Input One Monitor view.

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Next, the operator clicks on the Settings Gear to open the Configuration Panel for Input One, opens the Video Source pulldown, and selects the Webcam for the local system as the new source for Input One.

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One of the things that the presenter notes for us is that the default resolution option for a webcam is “Auto Detect.”  If the Input you are working with is set to this default, then, as in the video, you may be seeing SD format in NewTek Connect Pro, even though the webcam is capable of sending an HD signal.  When this is the case, you can go back into the Configuration Panel and set the resolution you desire - in the video, presenter Don Ballance selects 1080 progressive/30 frames-per-second.

Webcams provide high definition video at high quality these days, and this allows you to add more cameras to a production while conserving broadcast cameras for where you really need them.  A few examples:

  • A podcast can bring additional people into the switcher - if you have multiple cast members and multiple guests, each of them can be at a laptop with a webcam.
  • A broadcast show can bring in behind-the-scenes views using systems with webcams in the green room, backstage areas, and control room.
  • A radio show can add internet streaming using webcams for the cast and guests and an NDI-enabled switcher.
  • One system running NewTek Connect Pro could be used to serve up to four attached  web cameras to an NDI-enabled switcher such as a TriCaster Mini, allowing for a multi-camera studio at a very modest startup cost. We hope this video has been helpful to you and if you have suggestions for other topics you would like covered in a two-minute tutorial, please send us a message.

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