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SparkMount Battery Power and Camera Mount Kits for NewTek Connect Spark Converters

June 13, 2018 by Chuck Baker

Untethered video production over WiFi

Vendor and integrator Mobile Studios has introduced two SparkMount accessory kits to support NewTek Connect Spark devices designed to convert SDI or HDMI video into NDI® and deliver to a computer and/or an IP network over WiFi.

SparkMount Battery Kit for NewTek Connect Spark

Installation of the SparkMount’s lightweight aluminum bracket to a Connect Spark takes about two minutes and only requires four screws. The Connect Spark with attached bracket is then secured to a video camera, DSLR camera or tripod via an assortment of accessories including a camera screw, shoe-mount adapter and tripod clamp.

Battery power for the Connect Spark is provided by a rechargeable Lithium Ion battery that can power it for up to 15 continuous hours. The battery is secured to a Connect Spark with VELCRO® or carried in a custom belt-pack.

The complete SparkMount Battery kit includes the bracket, mounting hardware, 12V Lithium Ion battery, battery charger, custom belt-pack and SDI / HDMI / DC power cables.

SparkMount DTap Kit for NewTek Connect Spark

“NewTek’s NDI-based Connect Spark is a real game-changer and we’re delighted to play a part in realizing its full potential for remote video production over WiFi with our new camera mounting options and battery power,” said Richard Rubin, President of Mobile Studios.

Mobile Studios has also released a SparkMount kit designed for cameras with D-Tap power sockets. The SparkMount D-Tap Kit includes a SparkMount bracket, mounting hardware and a cable that powers a Connect Spark from a camera or battery D-Tap socket.

“We’re delighted that Mobile Studios took the initiative to develop the SparkMount accessory kits which are really well conceived and truly enhance the NDI experience and dexterity of Connect Spark,” said Michael Kornet, executive vice president and general manager of NDI for NewTek. “Battery powered Connect Spark equipped cameras can now deliver IP video over untethered WiFi for cost effective remote video production,” added Kornet.

About the video: Mobile Studios worked with PineCrest School to implement an all-IP workflow with NewTek Connect Sparks and Mobile Studios SparkMount adapters on all cameras, and NewTek TriCaster TC1 in a central studio. All cameras send video and audio via NDI and receive tally light control information by NDI as well. NewTek LiveText running on a laptop on site at the venue provides the graphics and text for each event, also via NDI.

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SparkMount with NewTek Connect Spark mounted to tripod
SparkMount Battery Kit with NewTek Connect Spark mounted to JVC Camera
SparkMount D-Tap Kit with NewTek Connect Spark mounted to Panasonic Camera
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