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Video Production Over IP for Everyone

September 29, 2016 by Chuck Baker

If you’ve been wondering just where NewTek’s Network Device Interface (NDI®) fits within the set of video-over-IP standards in place or in development, Content Technology’s Phil Sandburg has written one of the best takes on the subject that we’ve seen.  Phil talked extensively with NewTek CTO and president Dr. Andrew Cross, who laid out the complimentary nature of NDI in relationship to the broadcast-facility-level standards AIMS and ASPEN:

“At the top of the pyramid, you have AIMS and ASPEN, which are the two 10 Gigabit video, high bandwidth, over 10 Gigabit ethernet.  And, what we saw was a need to make something that’s accessible for everybody else who wants to do video.

“What we’re focused on is making a solution that just works for people wanting to do it on regular 1GigE. So…our goal is to fill from [AIMS and ASPEN] on down.

“…AIMS and ASPEN…really do serve the needs of broadcasters very, very well and I should say we’re collaborating with them…we have to see ourselves as highly complementary to what they’re doing and we really don’t want to position ourselves as competitive with them at all. In fact, we are part of ASPEN and Evertz has done integration with NDI because it recognises that in a TV station you have the big studios and you have the small studios. Your small studios and your small plants are going to run something like what NewTek has, and the big studios are going to run theirs, and the video should be able to flow between them.”

The discussion continues into how the new NDI application NewTek Connect Pro was developed in order to ensure cross-conversion capability between these IP standards in a production environment, as well as providing a means to convert the proprietary IP stream formats from many makes of cameras into an appropriate IP standard for use in production.  Support for a wide variety of capture cards and other video sources rounds out an application that provides essential translation for virtually any video input format into the IP workflow.

Read the complete story at Content Technology: The ABCs of NDI® - NewTek’s Video over IP for Everyone

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