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NewTek at IBC 2016

The NewTek team came to Amsterdam for IBC 2016  to show the Future Of Broadcasting, and by all accounts, delivered. On display were:

  • A complete new ecosystem of production tools, the NewTek IP Series, that set a new standard and a new paradigm for high-end facility production with robust hybrid IP/SDI workflow
  • In partnership with Wowza, MediaDS, the world’s first local and global Media Distribution System
  • Network Device Interface (NDI®) version 2, with support now for Windows, MacOS and Linux, and for iOS and Android mobile devices, plus enhanced performance and capabilities In this interview with InBroadcast InSight’s Ashley Blankenship, Will Waters of NewTek talks about each of these new products:


JohnColes_Booth_Cr5y0pQUkAEJXuW.jpg large_captionedStand 7.K11 was abuzz with crowds to see all of the new products in action, and NDI made it possible to demo live connections to the content and production facilities between our stand and over a dozen partners on the show floor.  We previewed the IP Series for the world from the stand: Facebook Live with Don Ballance.

We also shared the complete main stage presentation: Facebook Live: Mainstage with Kiki Stockhammer and Don Ballance

If that weren’t enough, our friends at NewBay Media launched NDIcentral, a news portal dedicated to IP video production news that can be found on TV Technology and Creative Planet websites.  NewBay also issued a media release about NDIcentral.

The capstone to the week is that the NewTek IP Series was selected by RedShark News as Most Innovative Product for IBC 2016.


Sampling of Press & Partner Highlights

On the heels of the IP series announcement **the week before the show, we also issued press releases about **NDI version 2, the MediaDS product vis-a-vis our collaboration with Wowza, and Epic Games adopting NDI. Also at IBC, more than a dozen companies joined the ranks of the NewTek Developer Network by announcing support for NDI including:

NewTek IP Series Coverage:


**RedShark News **

IP Series is A Huge Step Towards the IP Future

“NewTek’s IP series has simply fallen out of the future. In our opinion, it’s five years ahead of anything else. And, in this age of exponential change, that means that it seems decades ahead.”

**Broadcast Beat **

Will Waters IP Series interview surpasses 10,000 views since 09/01

TVBEurope + IBC Daily (same article was placed in Day 1 coverage of the IBC Daily)

Production System Unveiled for IP Video

**Kitplus (YouTube) **

NewTek at IBC 2016 – Will Waters video interview

Broadcast Beat (YouTube)

Brian Olson IBC video interview

Sports Video Group:

NewTek’s Will Waters Says IP Series Will Appeal to New Markets

MediaDS Coverage:


**TV Technology **

IBC 2016: NewTek and Wowza Partner on Video Delivery Platform

Sports Video Group

IBC 2016: NewTek, Wowza deliver global and local media distribution platform

Video Edge

NewTek and Wowza Deliver the First Ever Global and Local Media Distribution Platform


(Covers all products, but has a good section on MDS at 00:54 in)


NDI version 2 Coverage: 


RedShark News NewTek takes wrappers off NDI version 2

“If there was any doubt that IP was going to be one of the major themes of the upcoming IBC, NewTek’s announcement of the mobile-friendly NDI version 2 should lay that to rest.”


NDI Partners Coverage:


The Broadcast Bridge - ChyronHego

ChyronHego Unveils V 2.0 of LyricX Graphics Creation and Playout Solution

 Sports Video Group – Scale Logic (video)

“IBC Spotlight: Scale Logic CEO Herzan commits to NDI for IP, forecasts future of object storage”

IBC 2016: Scale Logic advances software-drive IP workflows with NewTek NDI

Video Edge – Make.TV

Make.TV Advances Software-Driven IP Workflows with NewTek NDI

Broadcast Beat - NewsMaker

NewsMaker Systems Adopts Software-Driven IP Workflows with NewTek NDI®

Live Production – 3DStorm - LiveXpert

3D Storm - LiveXpert Advances Software-Driven IP Workflows With NewTek NDI

4RFV - Brainstorm

IBC 2016: Brainstorm Advances Software-Driven IP Workflows with NewTek NDI

ProVideo Coalition - Autocue

Autocue and NewTek: Teleprompting Over IP At IBC 2016

TVNewscheck – Zero Density

Zero Density Announces NDI Support

TV Technology – Bannister Lake

Bannister lake Adopts NewTek NDI for IP Production

TV Technology - Streamstar

Streamstar Adds NewTek NDI Integration

NDIcentral Coverage: 

Video Edge

NDIcentral Launches at IBC

New IP Production Software Store:

NewTek has opened a new section of its software store as a one-stop shop for NDI-enabled, IP-workflow-ready software from any manufacturer.  The first two products available from other vendors are Autocue QStart Teleprompting Software and NewBlue Titler Live Broadcast.  NewTek’s NDI applications will also be available in the eStore.

NewBlue’s Titler Live Broadcast Product Inaugurates Launch of NewTek’s NDI Online Store For Software Developers

To go to the new one-stop shop for NDI-enabled software products from any developer: The NewTek NDI eStore

First Annual NDI Developer Gathering

NewTek held it’s first annual NDI Developer IBC Gathering this year.  NewTek CTO and President Dr. Andrew Cross spoke to a packed crowd at the stand, sharing the latest information on just released NDI version 2, and taking questions.

Click to enlarge.

Click to enlarge.

Click to enlarge.

Click to enlarge.

Summing up:

The NewTek IP Series represents the largest change to switcher technology in more than thirty years, and extends NewTek’s line of production tools to top-of-the-line production facilities with a workflow that both preserves their investment while advancing their capabilities to an unprecedented flexibility and scalability.  MediaDS bridges the gap from production to distribution in an entirely new way, again creating new ways for today’s productions at any level to reach local audiences or leap beyond to unlimited audiences on a global scale.  NDI version 2 extends network transport of video across all computer and mobile device platforms, with increased performance at any definition; on an Intel® i7 CPU, NDI delivers the highest quality and best performance in any IP standard and will encode 1080p at 2200 frames per second (fps), 4k at 780fps, and 8k at 210fps.

In sum, NewTek brought industry-changing technology to IBC 2016, and the result will change the future for producers at all levels, for other industry participants and perhaps most of all for NewTek itself, as its innovations change its position and relationships within the world of media production.

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