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VW Rival Road Live Webcast Powered by NewTek NDI Workflow

volkswagen_reveals_rival_road_gti_v_gli_6250Volkswagen presented VW Rival Road, a live webcast of Radio Controlled (RC) car racing, on Twitch and Facebook Live on July 26-27, 2016. Volkswagen factory Global Rallycross racers Scott Speed and Tanner Foust each drafted teams of pro RC drivers for the competition. The RC cars raced on an indoor course with 10 cameras, one computer playing an online computer racing game and a computer playing back highlights.

Jose Burgos switching the show for VW Rival Road webcast.
Jose Burgos switching the show for VW Rival Road webcast.


Sandy AudioVisual (SAV) was contacted with this daunting task of 12 inputs as well as graphic overlays and clip playback, and they reached out to us at BurgosFx to plan and execute the live webcast. We used SAV’s NewTek TriCaster 860 and 460, equipped with the latest version of TriCaster Advanced Edition, and took advantage of NewTek’s capability for hybrid SDI and Network Device Interface (NDI) IP workflow.



VW Rival Road's RC racetrack.
VW Rival Road’s RC racetrack.

Cameras 1-8 were connected to the TriCaster 860, which also was used to create and host  some of the graphics and playback clips. Two additional cameras plus a game computer and an edit station computer for producing highlights were connected via SDI to the TriCaster 460. Both TriCasters were networked together via a 1-Gigabit Ethernet switch. All of the 460 inputs were then configured as NDI sources on the 860, which then handled all of the switching for the webcast shows. The TriCaster 860 also had double-box duties via the Mix/Effects buses and all four downstream keyers (DSKs) in use for graphics overlays and coverup transitions.

The project, completely successful, demonstrated that NDI has opened the doors to a whole new way of producing a multi-input program, thus allowing for a truly over-the-top production.

 Jose Burgos has carried out challenging live productions worldwide, including Discovery Channel’s Nik Wallenda Grand Canyon Wire Walk.   BurgosFx is available for live production, consultation, training and custom virtual sets and graphics.

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Image of the Home Page for VW Rival Road Game.
Image of the Home Page for VW Rival Road Game.
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