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Announcing TriCaster Advanced Edition

We are very excited to introduce TriCaster Advanced Edition, an option available for all current TriCaster models, TriCaster Mini through TriCaster 8000.  TriCaster Advanced Edition is geared to elevate production capability to new heights, without new hardware. Packed with more than 60 new advancements, TriCaster Advanced Edition sets unprecedented visual, productivity and workflow standards for power users and newer users alike who want the best of the best.

Among the new things TriCaster users can do with TriCaster Advanced Edition:

  • Use sophisticated new production elements and multimedia content mixing capabilities to transform everyday productions into state-of-the-art viewing.
  • Use new in-show replay features for high-impact sports and live events production effects, including dramatic slow motion.
  • Automatically update your data-driven graphics in real-time - a boon for both sports stats and election-night coverage.
  • Multiply your audiences for each production by streaming to multiple accounts and more streaming services.
  • Publish social media in real-time during your live production, also to multiple accounts and more platforms, to engage your audiences everywhere they are.
  • Use new IP workflows to bring in content, publish content or distribute TriCaster control via the network.
  • Streamline your repetitive tasks and simplify your complex ones with advanced automation (we’ve got a whole new book for you on that!).
  • Customize your TriCaster’s configuration to your workflow and your production preferences - “one size fits all” is so over. Summing it up: With TriCaster Advanced Edition, producers can create more masterful multi-camera video programming without needing to invest in multiple devices or additional hardware.

NEW! Video Demo of some of the new features of TriCaster Advanced Edition, Jorge Dighero driving.

See TriCaster Advanced Edition software in a special webcast, May 28, 3 PM EDT

**See the Press Release **

Visit the TriCaster Advanced Edition Software pages, then visit your NewTek Reseller.

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