3Play 440/4800 Curriculum


Video Notes

An outline of the instructional videos, important notes from the videos content, a selected list of keyboard shortcuts, and a list of acronyms used in the curriculum.
1.7 MB - PDF


An Activities Summary and the Detailed Activities to be performed by learners under the guidance of the instructor.
1.7 MB - PDF

Instructor Guide

The Instructor Notes, the Video Outline, the Activities Summary, and the Answers to the Activities Mastery Questions.
1.2 MB - PDF


1 Introduction(2:00)

A short introduction to the training video series.

2 Physical Setup(9:33)

Connecting the system hardware—power, monitors, keyboard, mouse, video inputs, video outputs, audio inputs, and audio outputs.

3 The Home and Session Page(11:07)

Create a new session, register the 3Play 4800, and import media on the Home Page.

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4 Interface and Control Surface Tour(3:35)

View the action from every angle with full field rate preview displays. Monitor audio levels with VU meter overlays. Select from additional layouts and send on-screen monitors to a second display with integrated multi-view monitors.

5 Live Desktop and Input/Output(14:39)

Connect up to eight live video sources (or up to four with fully redundant capture), audio sources, and the included hardware control surface for multi-channel recording, multi-speed playback, media publishing, and asset management.

6 CLIP LIST, PLAY LIST, and Tags(3:28)

How to use the CLIP LIST, the PLAY LIST, and tag clips.

7 Modes(1:49)

A description of the different modes available and how to use them during a production.

8 Basic Workflow(6:02)

The basics of the 3Play 4800 workflow, including creating instant replays and playing back events from multiple angles.

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9 Advanced Event Creation(5:33)

Creating and replaying events during a live production.

10 Working with the CLIP LIST(2:29)

Manage all marked events and clips for playback. The multi-tab structure, customizable tab names, and per-clip metadata entry provide for efficient asset management and organization.

11 Tagging Clips(9:17)

Create and manage your own code system for instant metadata entry. Assign Tags to teams, play types, and players – then build full descriptions from keystrokes or simple control surface commands.

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12 Adding Media(1:36)

How to add video, still images, and audio.

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13 Playback Speed Control(1:35)

Exploring different playback options.

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14 The CLIP LIST Workflow(1:00)

Playing back clips using the CLIP LIST.

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15 Dual Outputs(7:53)

Using transitions, Autoplay, and speed controls in the Program to Preview workflow.

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16 Working with the PLAY LIST(6:08)

Create highlight reels with per-clip management of audio and playback. Build and organize multiple clip sequences using the multi-tab structure, then customize with animation store transitions and a background music track.

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17 Social Media Publishing(5:48)

Set publish destinations, Auto Upload, and add video and stills to the Publish Queue to instantly distribute content in real time for second and third screen social engagement.

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18 Exporting Media(3:09)

How to export a production for use outside of 3Play 4800.

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19 Session and Live Desktop(6:25)

A demo of setting up a session and working in the Live Desktop.

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20 Basic Workflow Demo(7:00)

A demo of a basic real-life workflow.

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21 Tagging Workflow Demo(4:55)

A demo of tagging clips.

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22 Advanced Workflow Demo(5:40)

A demo of putting transitions between events, tagging clips, and more advanced techniques.