3Play 330 - Features

Big-Game Feel

You need to produce some majorly creative playback for a minor league game: HD instant replay isn’t just for the big leagues. Turn up the intensity of your broadcasts, webcasts or scoreboard presentations and rock the house with multi-camera recording and playback. Spotlight top athletes. Showcase contending teams. Satisfy passionate fans. It’s game time.

One Man Band

There’s nothing between you and the action: Whether you’re a one-man sports band or part of a small production team, 3Play 330 is just right for delivering instant replay and highlights for your next game. User-friendly and event-ready, you or your team can jump right into action, even if you don’t get the call until just before game time.

Roving Replay

You take your game coverage wherever it happens: Amp up your sports production no matter where the action takes you. A travel-friendly design lets you produce from the sideline, baseline or press box. From the field, to the court, and back again―this portable powerhouse plays hardball, year-round.

Multi-Angle Playback

Your audience wants to be everywhere at once: Get the most out of your replay, without maxing out your equipment resources. One free input, anywhere in the house, is all you need to plug in and switch between up to three camera angles, in real time. Do it all during live playback. No excessive, bulky cable runs. Enjoy a streamlined replay operation and highlight in-game action, from end to end.

Cámara lenta de intermedios

You give fans more of what they want to see: Enjoy network-style presentation with smooth slow motion playback. Break down highlights in real time or analyze pivotal moments, frame by frame, with incredible detail.

Momentos destacados durante el juego

You don’t have to wait to show the shining moments: Build highlight blocks at breakneck speed for instant replay on command—during timeouts, or going into a break. Package the best plays, critical mistakes, and monumental moments together for crowd-pleasing playback.

Standalone and Switcher-Friendly

Your production isn’t an island, it’s an ecosystem: By itself, connected to your existing production setup, or teamed with TriCaster, 3Play 330 plays well with others. Plug in 3Play to multiply the inputs of your switcher―and the excitement. Or better yet, streamline your entire operation with the NewTek live sports combo and have a complete, integrated live production solution using a fraction of the space―with unmatched mobility.